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Tali Ganir

covid-19 policy

**Please note that masks are still required, despite recent changes to indoor mask mandate**

Per my policy, my home visit is confirmed only after you submit the COVID-19 screening form, up to 12 hours prior to the appointment.

You will get 2 reminders via email and text. If I don't receive the completed form on time, I will cancel the appointment without further notice. 

I can not see you in person if you or anyone in your household:

·   have cough, runny nose, fever, vomiting or diarrhea

·   have had exposure to people with these symptoms in the previous 10 days

·   If I arrive to your home and you or anyone within your household with any symptoms of illness, our appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged. Please let me know ahead of time so we could reschedule. 

·   If you or anyone in your household develop symptoms within 14 days after appointment, I ask to be notified.

If you have a positive COVID19 test or awaiting results, I will have to reschedule the visit until you test negative, per CDC guidelines. 

· If you have guests who came from out of state or out of the country by plane or train and are staying with you, I will ask them to be in a different room.

I ask to limit the people who sit in the appointment to the nursing parent, baby(ies) and supporting person. As much as I like to see your other children, I ask that older siblings will not stay in the same room with you during the appointment.

Everyone who is in the room during the consult should wear a mask (babies and kids <2 y/o should not wear a mask as it is unsafe for them) .

If you are opposing wearing a mask, I am happy to offer a virtual session instead of an in person visit. 

Call or Text

If you or anybody in your household have any symptoms of illness the day before or the day of our scheduled appointment, I will waive a cancellation fee in this case, if you notify me in a timely manner. 

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